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Telehealth exploded in Australia in 2020; we can now access doctors from anywhere at any time without the inconveniences of travel and waiting rooms. Almost all telehealth plays are focused on scaling access or 'solving for convenience', but there's a bigger problem; Australians are still dying too early from avoidable diseases and our system can't scale quality because it relies too heavily on human inputs.


To reimagine healthcare as if it began virtually so you're not constrained by physical realities, ultimately thinking differently. This way, we can scale quality by using software to reduce the reliance on humans and provide care more cheaply and effectively. At Joey, we've already started by redesigning the GP consult to deliver 75% of it with software.

Telehealth is healthcare delivered from a distance by humans.

Virtual healthcare is healthcare delivered from a distance by software.

Introducing Joey

Joey's virtual care gives you access to experienced GPs via video from anywhere, then sends personalised, ongoing nudges so you can avoid future illness. Every element of Joey except the doctor call is delivered by software. Our bet? That for various consult types over time, we expect to not need a human involved to deliver even better care and patient outcomes for up to 60% less cost.

But why?

Without enquiring down paths like the one we're taking with Joey, we'll continue to die too early and incur untenable financial burdens. 50% of all Australian deaths under 75yrs are from potentially avoidable diseases but just 7 of every 100 consults are for prevention. If Joey succeeds, more Australians will access healthcare, it'll be cheaper, the quality of years will improve, the number of years will increase, and doctors (simultaneously the most expensive element of healthcare to make and most scarce) are providing care where it's needed most.

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