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Spotify playlists make the world go 'round

'Day Party'

Probably the biggest crowd-pleaser. It's long, it's fun, regularly updated, and made for the best kind of partying. Apparently great to work out to, too.

Day party rules? Less heaving bangers, more disco, and lyrics where possible.

'Focus Dos'

What I work to most often.

Rule #1 for focus? No vocals, just a wall of instruments between you and everything else.

You're turn to play office DJ? Say no more.

'Dinner Party'

For obvious occasions. Not too sleepy, not too up & about, but enough on it to turn dinner into drinks.

What should you order for the table first? I think this.

'The Radar'

This is my favourite music, the best I've been able to find that I listen to over and over and over. Too much in fact.

I love a good banger, but it's definitely an acquired taste.

And here's a list of the rest.

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